Woods carpeted with bluebells with text that reads 'responsibly sourced materials' Four different Zylo pipe casing profile shapes A length of pipe casing and a length of pipe boxing side by side showing the difference in radius

Welcome to our website We manufacture Patented and Design Registered building services encasement products for enclosing pipework, duct work and electrical services in residential, commercial and public buildings.

The Zylo system is unique Available in both square and radius corner casings, complete with a full range of fittings such as corners, stop ends and cover strips. Our cover strips are made from a precision low profile aluminium extrusion to match each product for a quick tap on fit. Cover strips are also incorporated into the stop end fitting for edge protection and easy installation. We also manufacture our own fixing brackets which are easy to drill and will not split, a unique alternative to timber battens.

Quotations Our goods are sold to the customer directly from the factory. To obtain a competitive quotation for our products with all these advanced features, please go to our Contacts Page where we detail the information required to provide you with a comprehensive quotation.

Pipe Casing

The 4 different Zylo pipe casing profiles
Our patented radius corner pipe casings are available in four profile shapes and two finishes, with a small 7mm radius and a consistent rigid 9mm core throughout the range. Click here for more info.

Pipe Boxing

The two different Zylo pipe boxing profiles
Zylo square cornered pipe boxings are available in two or three sided configurations and are made with a rigid 9mm core and a seamless water resistant outer finish as standard. A cost effective alternative to tile backer board pipe boxings. Click here for more info.

Boiler Casing

Zylo boiler casing small image
Zylo boiler pipework casings are designed to encase boiler pipework and flues. Available in standard sizes to suit most modern boilers. A further custom range ensures a suitable size for all circumstances. Click here for more info.

Support Brackets

Zylo support brackets
Our engineered support brackets are lightweight, easy to fix and are bent to a precise angle to take up less space within the casing. They will not warp or split. Click here for more info.


Zylo pipe boxing and pipe casing accessories
We have the widest range of fittings and accessories available including inside corners, reverse angle inside corners, outside corners, cover strips and stop ends. Click here for more info.


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Our downloads page contains all product specifications, 3D CAD files and scale drawings. Click here for more info.