The Zylo product range includes pipe boxing, pipe casings, boiler pipework boxing and a full range of accessories to suit all building services encasement needs. Manufactured with a water resistant finish, Zylo building services casings and boxings can be used to cover all pipe work, electrical systems and fire sprinkler systems throughout buildings, including kitchens and bathrooms.

Pipe Boxing vs Pipe Casing

Pipe boxings are a 90 degree, square cornered product available in two or three sided configurations.

Pipe casings have a small radius corner, available as either 90 degree or 120 angles in two or three sided configurations.

Both boxings and casings are available as standard in lengths of 2400mm; 3000mm lengths available upon request

What are Zylo products made from?

The full range of pipe boxing, pipe casing and boiler covers are manufactured from 9mm thick moisture resistant MDF, coated with a seamless light laminate impregnated paper in either ‘gloss’ or ‘standard’ finish, both white. The ‘standard’ can be tiled, wallpapered and can even accept a top coat to the surface with minimum preparation, enabling it to blend in with the surrounding decor.

How are Zylo products fit?

We recommend the use of our unique support brackets to secure our products in place. Our brackets are lightweight, easier to screw through and leave more room for services than timber batten alternatives. Timber battens purchased from local hardware stores can also be used.

There is a broad range of accessories available to accommodate specific requirements, such as cover strips for joining two sections of casing together, internal and external corners for ensuring a quick and neat room installation and stop ends for when an end to end application is not feasible.

Prices and Availability

Please contact us directly using the Contact Us form for price and availability.

Pipe Casings

Four different Zylo pipe casing profiles showing the range of products available
Our patented radius cornered pipe casings are available in four profile shapes and two finishes, with a small 7mm radius and a consistent rigid 9mm core throughout the range.

Pipe Boxing

Two different Zylo pipe boxing profiles showing the range of products available
Zylo square cornered boxings are available in two or three sided configurations and are made with a rigid 9mm core and a seamless water resistant outer finish as standard. A cost effective alternative to tile backer board pipe boxings.

Boiler Pipe Covers

Zylo boiler pipe cover small image
Zylo boiler pipe covers are designed to encase boiler pipework and flues. Available in standard sizes to suit most modern boilers. A further custom range ensures a suitable size for all circumstances.


Zylo pipe boxing and pipe casing accessories
We have the widest range of fittings and accessories available including inside corners, reverse angle inside corners, outside corners, cover strips and stop ends.