Pipe Boxing

The strong and versatile pipe boxing range is available direct from our West Yorkshire factory in two different profile shapes, two finishes and a wide range of sizes.

BX pipe boxing profiles are unique in that they have square corners and a one piece seamless coating. The BX range is similar in construction and appearance to our radius corner casings ensuring compatibility between the two.

The preformed pipe boxing sections are a cost effective method of boxing in fire sprinkler systems, forming bulkheads and creating wall ducts to hide mechanical or electrical services in retrofit schemes. These pipe boxings can be extremely useful for kitchen or bathroom refurbishments where misaligned walls require squaring up, they are also an economical alternative to tile backer board pipe boxings.

Zylo pipe boxings are square cornered thus enabling the attachment of mitred skirting and coving. Tiling, painting, or even wallpapering can be applied directly whereupon the enclosures then become part of the building structure and are effectively hidden.

Two Zylo pipe boxings, bx2 profile covering high level piping in the corner of a bathroom