A length of pipe casing and a length of pipe boxing side by side showing the difference in radius and edge Four different Zylo pipe casing profile shapes, showing the variety of Zylo's casing range

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Welcome to Zylo

Zylo products are an innovative range of patented and design registered pipe boxing, pipe casing and boiler cover products which are manufactured and supplied from our factory in West Yorkshire. They are specifically designed as a fast, cost effective solution for enclosing fire sprinkler systems, unsightly pipes, ducts and electrical services in residential, commercial and public buildings.

Choose from the widest range of sizes, shapes and fittings. Zylo products are available as both square and radius corner profiles together with a full range of corner fittings, stop ends, joint connectors and angle brackets for encasing all manner of building services.

The system has been designed for ease of installation; Zylo profiles are easy to cut and scribe without ragging, joint connectors are designed for an easy tap on fit and the unique fixing bracket system offers a simple precision alternative to wooden battens.

All goods are sold to the customer directly from our factory. To obtain a competitive quotation for any of our products, please go to the Contact Us page and enter your requirements to enable us to provide you with a comprehensive quotation.
A diagram of a Zylo pipe casing highlighting its unique features