Zylo Pipe Casing and Boxing Profiles are available with the widest range of accessories to enable a quick installation and professional finish.

Uniquely, we offer both a standard inside corner fitting for conventional horizontal runs, and a vertical to horizontal fitting which allows a neat change of direction without altering the profile size. This fitting we refer to as a reverse angle inside corner.

Our cover strips, formed from our own low profile aluminium extrusion are powder coated white to match the full range of Zylo casings and boxings. Cover strips produce a precision fit between sections and fittings by tapping on to the end of either in a matter of seconds. Our stop ends also incorporate a cover strip to enable the same rapid install and provide robust edge protection when closing off open ends.

A photo of a zylo stop end attached to a length of L Profile pipe casing
A cover strip joining two lengths of R Profile pipe casing together
A insider corner attached to two lengths of R Profile pipe casing by two cover strips
A R Profile pipe casing fixed to the wall by a B2 bracket and a B1 support bracket