Universal Angle Brackets

Zylo universal angle brackets are manufactured from 9mm FSC® certified moisture resistant mdf with a white matt external finish very similar to that of a kitchen carcass.

They have a multitude of uses within the construction industry. Typical uses are to support filler panels within kitchens and bathrooms, and also to support shelves and to secure free standing furniture.

A unique alternative to traditional softwood battens, these brackets will not warp or split, and being only 9mm in section are lighter to handle, stackable for ease of storage, allow easy drilling and cutting, and require a much shorter screw when fixing.

Aimed at the professional installer, they are available in 2.40 metre lengths and are sold in packs of five. Larger sections are also available from our BX2 pipe boxing range.
Diagram showing the measurements of Zylo Angle Brackets
Diagram showing the uses of Zylo Angle Brackets
How a filler panel can be attached to the bracket to match in with the surrounding decor
How an Angle Bracket can be used to secure a cupboard and then tiled over
Drawing of a stack of Angle Brackets
A diagram showing the correct way to install an Angle Bracket
A diagram showing the incorrect way to install an Angle Bracket