Pipe Boxing / Casings

Zylo preformed casings and boxing are a patented range of products for encasing unsightly pipes, ductwork, electrical cables, fire sprinkler systems and structures. They offer the building trade a high quality, low cost, fast track solution to a professional instalment, whilst substantially reducing installation time, materials and labour costs.


Although inherently similar, the distinguishing feature between the Zylo pipe casing and pipe boxing range is the edge. Pipe boxings have square corners with a 90° angle whereas pipe casings feature a 7mm radius available in both 90° and 120° configurations.

The Zylo pipe boxing and casing range are both manufactured from FSC® moisture resistant MDF with a consistent 9mm thickness throughout, allowing a uniform appearance irrespective of overall size between the whole range.

Zylo products are available as standard in 2400mm lengths; 3000mm lengths are available upon request. With 6 different profiles and over 150 different standard sizes, there is certain to be a product to suit every encasement requirement.


The moisture resistant MDF is pre-finished in a FSC® seamless light laminate, ensuring the product is fully compliant with the UK Governments "Timber Procurement Policy" guidelines. The light laminate is available in either "standard" white or "gloss" white which as opposed to a painted finish will resist scuffing and warping over time.

Both finishes are water resistant, easy to clean and require no painting. However, the "standard" finish can be tiled, plastered, wallpapered and even accept a top coat of paint to the surface with minimum preparation, enabling the pipe boxings to blend in with the surrounding decor.

Fire Classification

Not all pipe boxing brands have been tested to the European Reaction to Fire Classification System. Therefore when choosing pipe boxing or fire sprinkler boxing it may be wise to check with the manufacturer that the finished product, including any coating has been tested (not just the materials used for manufacture). Changes to the application of the original material can affect the classification significantly. Further fire classification information (link to pdf)

Zylo products have been tested and classified to European fire safety standard EN13501-1 and both the Zylo pipe boxing and pipe casings can be applied as fire sprinkler boxing when installing new or enclosing existing fire sprinkler systems. Holes for the sprinkler heads can be cut to size on site with minimum fuss.

Fittings and Accessories

Zylo support brackets are designed as an alternative to wooden battens and match the exact internal angle of the casing, securing the product in place whilst occupying the smallest area possible within the casing or boxing, ensuring a quick and easy installation.

An extensive range of accessories are available to cover every scenario possible. Whether you are looking to connect multiple lengths together, transition around corners or boxing in from horizontal to vertical, Zylo has you covered.

Image of Zylo Pipe Boxing fixed to a ceiling as a bulkhead for downlighting
Image of a Zylo L Profile Pipe Casing covering low level pipework
Image of Zylo Pipe Boxing fixed to a corner of a room as a bulkhead, enclosing ductwork
Two Lengths of Zylo pipe casing Covering tiling in a bathroom
Two lengths of low level R Profile butted up to a verticle length of BX3 Pipe Boxing
Image of Zylo Pipe Boxing fixed to a wall as a bulkhead with skirting and tiling attached to it.
A Length of R Profile Zylo pipe casing covering low level wiring
Image of Zylo Pipe Boxing containing a fire sprinkler system fixed to a corner of a room

Pipe Casings (Radius Corner)

The Zylo Pipe Casing range features a small 7mm radius, consistent throughout the range irrespective of size and is available in four different profile shapes; either 90° or 120° degree in two or three sided configurations.

Perfect for use as hollow skirting boards to cover pipes, covering large service ducts, boxing in pipework or hiding plumbing pipes in bathrooms, kitchens, corridors and in any high traffic areas.

Pipe Boxing (Square Corner)

Zylo Pipe Boxings are unique in that they are the only product on the market that features square corners with a one piece seamless light laminate finish (as opposed to paint finishes which tend to scuff and warp over time). Zylo Pipe Boxings are available in two or three sided configurations with a 90° angle.

Suitable for numerous applications including covering up pipes in the bathroom, hiding piping or electronic wiring in the kitchen, Zylo preformed Pipe Boxing is also a quality alternative to plastic pipe trunking.