Pipe Boxing

The Zylo Pipe Boxing range is the only product on the market that features square corners with a one piece seamless light laminate finish (as opposed to paint finishes which scuff and warp over time). Tested and classified to European Fire Safety Standard EN13501-1 Zylo boxings are available directly from our West Yorkshire Factory in both 2 and 3 sided profiles, two finishes and a wide range of sizes.

If you are wondering how to box in pipes on walls, cover piping or electrics in kitchens and bathrooms or simply looking for a quality alternative to plastic pipe trunking then look no further than this cost effective preformed pipe boxing system, complemented with a wide range of accessories.

What are Zylo boxings made from? Zylo Pipe Boxings are manufactured using moisture resistant FSC® certified 9mm MDF, prefinished in a one piece section with a choice of two light laminate finishes. Both finishes are water resistant, easy to clean and require no painting.

Zylo boxings are versatile; because of the perfectly square corner the Zylo Pipe Boxing range is extremely adaptable. Skirting or coving can be attached with ease, plus painting, tiling, or even wallpapering can all be implemented with minimum preparation, allowing any boxing to effectively become a part of the existing building structure.

Can Zylo pipe boxings be used for anything aside from covering pipes? Zylo boxing can be applied to encase all manner of building services such as the formation of bulkheads, boxing in fire sprinkler systems, creating wall ducts to hide electrical services in retrofit schemes, squaring up misaligned walls or as an economic alternative to tile backer board constructions.

Image of Zylo Pipe Boxing fixed to a ceiling as a bulkhead for downlighting
Image of Zylo Pipe Boxing fixed to a wall as a bulkhead with skirting and tiling attached to it.
Image of Zylo Pipe Boxing fixed to a corner of a room as a bulkhead, enclosing ductwork
Image of Zylo Pipe Boxing containing a fire sprinkler system fixed to a corner of a room