Technical Information

The Core - the moisture resistant core is made from wood residues, sawmill by-products and pulpwood, all from managed forests. Supplied by the leading European manufacturer of medium density fibreboard, the core material contains no hardwoods and is certifed FSC® material. Moisture resistant MDF is manufactured in accordance with european standards EN 622-5 and is suitable for use in humid evironments such as kitchen and bathroom applications.
External Coating - our external coatings are manufactured from bleach free resin impregnated papers composed of managed wood and wood waste. Impregnation resins and lacquer finishes are water-based and free of hazardous or harmful substances. The smooth finish decreases the requirement for undercoats, paints and other surface treatments. The external coating is available as FSCĀ® certified material.
Adhesives - all adhesives are water based and largely biodegradable with no hazardous waste. Our unique manufacturing process employs cold bonding techniques which require very low energy consumption compared to the heat and pressure methods associated with alternative steam bent ply products.
Our product has been tested and classified to EN 13501-1 standard. For further details please read our article on the subject.
Our product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation. It has been CE marked as a wood based panel (EN 13986:2004+A1:2015) for internal use as a non-structural component in humid conditions.
We are proud to be a participating member of an FSC® Chain of Custody and Controlled Wood systems group. This means that every step our goods take on their transformational journey from raw materials to Zylo products is traceable at source and handled responsibly along the way. For verification purposes our FSC® certification number is NC-COC-005535-NS part of the Enviaudits Ltd group. For further details of our certification please contact our office.
Zylo pipe boxing and pipe casing systems have been designed with the protection of the environment in mind. Our company works continuously to keep wastage to a minimum whilst simultaneously maximising the efficient use of materials and resources. The product itself is inherently environmentally friendly as it is manufactured from timber, a renewable and sustainable building material.